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Business management and professionalism took decades of work to develop into the professional market we see nowadays. Every basic procedure that involves two different parties follows a certain protocol in today's market. Long before contracts came into consumption, verbal agreements were readily consumed. However, this version of the agreement was much challenging to abide by.

Contracts are written versions of agreements that are signed among two parties that are performing a certain task together. It can range from a simple transaction to an offer or a partnership that involves certain terms and conditions. This article shall focus on discussing the contract template in detail.

Who Should Sign a Contract?

Contract agreements are designated as a set of mutual obligations decided by two parties that they have to enforce completely. As the parties that sign the contract have to cover the terms as per the law, they have to follow this legally bound law.

Contracts can vary in terms of the parties that are signing the contract. As a contract can be implemented across all forms of transactions, trade, and partnerships, contracts can be utilized across multiple forums. Before designing a sample contract, it is important to know who is responsible for signing them. For this, it is necessary to realize where and how contracts can be consumed.

As the modern world promotes the use of contract templates for all kinds of agreements, it involves a variety of tasks. If you are into hiring a certain individual for a service, you can simply design and sign an agreement with them. If a firm is being hired for providing a specific service to a client, both parties are responsible for signing a well-written contract.

If the procedure involves two companies working across a mutual idea or a partnership, two representatives are required to signing across their business contract template.

Why Are Contracts Important?

Contracts are considered exceptionally important in the business world. There are several reasons that make written agreements extremely significant in the market. A contract is always written with a solid purpose in mind.

If we look across the reasons for writing an agreement template, we can concisely explain the following pointers regarding the value of contracts.

  • The existence of a signed contract helps the parties save it as a document over which they have committed on. No signatory in the contract will then be able to leave behind any term they have decided on.
  • Signing a contract saves both parties from confusion and helps them cover all conflicts without any issue.
  • The rights that are being purchased and mentioned are known to both parties. All the rights that are retained are thus specific to both involved parties.
  • It serves as a legal binding to the purpose the parties are working on.

What Are the Main Elements of a Contract?

Whenever two individuals or parties come together to write a legal contract template, they have to follow a set of elements. Without these elements, the contract has no appropriate structure and can have various loopholes. To understand the basic elements of any contract, you can look across the following explanation.

  • The parties have to clearly state the service they are offering or the offer that has been promised.
  • The most important clause of any agreement is the contact information of the parties that have been signing the contract.
  • Any certain payment or consideration that has been decided by both parties should be stated. The decided payment plans and the dates for giving up payments should also be discussed within the contract.
  • The terms of the acceptance of the contract should be clearly defined in the contract.
  • Another element within the contract should be a discussion of the terms that would lead to the cancellation of the agreement.
  • Signatures of both parties should be present, most importantly.


Contracts are vital if two parties are working together over a defined cause of idea. If any party is to take services of the other, they have to sign a legal contract to make sure that it is fulfilled. Thus, it is important to design a contract that will follow a similar structure as provided in the article.

Contract Templates FAQs

Do you require a notary for validating a contract?

There is no need to use a witness or notary for confirming a contract. The contract can gain legal status when both parties agree on a certain set of terms and conditions through negotiations.

Who should be first in signing a contract?

There is no legal perspective of signing a contract in order. The party that is offering the contract should morally sign the contract first, but there is no legal obligation.

Should I design a new contract if I want to change the terms?

If there is any change required in the contract template, you have to make a new one with clarified terms.

Is an agreement similar to a contract?

The agreement is legally recognized as a single term of the contract. However, if all the key elements of a contract are not present in a document, it is not referred to as a contract.

Where is the original copy of the contract kept?

A copy of the legally bound contract should be kept by both parties. CocoDoc allows you to sign the electronic signatures across the form and send emails of the copy of the contract to the parties.