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The importance of any well-made contract cannot be overstated, and the same goes for a web design contract. It ensures that both the parties are on the same page, and all the other details are listed out beforehand to avoid any conflicts in the future. If you are a web designer who is just starting in the field, you might wonder what all a web design contract must include. The answer would be: a lot of crucial elements.

Let us guide you through it all so you can derive an efficient web design contract.

What is a Web Design Contract?

A website design contract can be defined as a legally binding agreement between the designer and the client. The business relationship between the two parties is defined through a web design contract. It includes details such as timelines, pricing, deliverables, project scope, and any other information relevant to the case. The contract must also clearly state the outcome if any disagreement arises between the designer and the client.

How to Create a Web Developer Contract

In order to create a web developer contract, you must know what all to include and the mistakes to avoid while drafting the contract. Mention the scope of services, deadlines and deliverables, revisions, payment details, terms and termination, ownership and intellectual property, and dispute resolution fees.

Before a website contract is drafted, it is crucial to know both about the website owner as well as the web developer. It is only after both the parties have clearly discussed all the details that it should be put into writing.

Errors often occur while drafting a web developer contract, and at times these errors can have heavy repercussions. For example, not identifying the respective parties or getting their information wrong in a website development contract can lead to issues. Confidentiality clauses are often not clearly outlined either, which means that a company’s trade secrets or privileged information could very quickly be leaked.

Not getting legal advice is another mistake to avoid while drafting a web developer contract. Make sure to get in touch with a licensed attorney and have them review your contract.

What to Include in Your Web Design Contract

You can look at the key elements of a simple web design contract here. They serve as a web design contract sample for your perusal.

  • Introductory statement and contact information: The opening paragraph of your web design contract should include the names of the parties involved, their addresses, and the date on which the contract is being made. Remember to give the full address details of both the parties.
  • Description of services: Clearly mention the services you will be providing. In addition to a description of your services, mention about revisions as well. This means explaining how many rounds of revisions will be a part of the contract, what the revision process will be like, and the extra charges involved after a certain point if the client asks for more revisions. This is necessary to protect yourself from doing numerous rounds of revisions free of cost.
  • Payment and costs: Specify if the billing will be by the project or on a per-hour basis. If you are charging by the hour, the contract should mention an estimate by which you will be able to complete the project. Your payment schedule and payment terms should be detailed out as well.
  • Timelines: Timelines help everyone gain an estimate of when to expect the final project. The initial design concept, review period, and final delivery should be mentioned.
  • Ownership: State who will take ownership of the final product.
  • Confidentiality and terminations: You need to keep the terms of confidentiality very precise and transparent to protect the privacy of both the parties. Also, state when and how the contract can be terminated. Mention if there is any notice period that has to be served.


Understand the pertinence of a well-rounded web design contract. The website design contract templates come in different lengths and formats. However, it is best to include as much information as possible in the contract. It will let you have a worry-free term. Moreover, it shall also work as a reference document for your perusal.

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