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Rental & Estate contract template is a document that shows the legal agreement between the owner of a real estate who happens to be the landlord or lessor, and someone who intends to stay in it, the lessee or tenant. This agreement is usually for a stipulated period and rent is being paid in exchange. Mind you, both the landlord and tenant must reach a compromise on how the real estate will be leased. Once that is set, then both parties should append their signatures on the rental & estate contract form so the agreement becomes legal and valid at any court of law.

What Does a Rental Contract Template Include?

Got to create a professional rental contract template yourself? Here are some sections you must include in it:

  1. Tenants’ name
  2. A brief description of the rental property
  3. Term of tenancy
  4. Rental price, mode of payment, and charges incurred
  5. Repair and maintenance policies
  6. Rules and regulations tenants must abide by
  7. Landlord and tenants signature

Who Needs a House Rent Agreement?

A house rent agreement is a legal document signed by a real estate or house owner (landlord) and tenants on reaching a compromise on the rent to be paid for a specific period. So this form is mostly needed by landlords or lessons to ensure that a property is legally rented out according to the rule of law of all nations. With this document, house agreement, either the landlord or the tenant can file a case at the court and venture anyone breaches the agreement.

What is the Difference Between a Lease and a Rental Agreement?

Although both the lease and rental agreement are designed for landowners and the occupants (tenants), there is a slight difference between the two.

While a lease agreement is valid for a minimum of 12 months, rental agreements are valid for at least 30 days. Also, leasehold properties can't be renewed, unlike rented properties which can be renewed now and then when the rent is due. In addition, a lease agreement can't be used in place of a rent agreement, even though they are both rental & estate contract templates.

How to Create a Rental Contract Template?

To build a rental contract template for your real estate, you need professional PDF editing software. This software should have all the necessary features you need as an end-user to assist you in creating a professional template. Many toolkits claim to provide similar services, however, not all are the best fit for you. Here we introduce to you one of the most sophisticated AI-based PDF editors recommended by experts- CocoDoc PDF editor. This user-friendly software works perfectly across multiple platforms like Windows and Mac OS. You don't have to be tech-literate to execute any tasks on it. To use CocoDoc, to create a rental contract template, follow the step-wise guide below:

  • Visit the official web-page for CocoDoc
  • Select your preferred contract template. For this article, we are concerned with the rental contract template, so this should be your choice
  • Look through the template to see it contains all the sections needed on a professional rental contract template
  • Download the template and then export it to your hard drive
  • Now, print out the document and then fill it out


When you create a rental contract for your company, the bond between yourself and your client improves. Create a rental contract agreement for your brand today, it's vital for the growth of your business.

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