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Contracts are generally known for providing legal binding to the parties to help them abide by the set rules. These rules relatively guide them in covering a certain task or project they have agreed to work on. However, whenever two parties come together to work on a single project, there are numerous roles and responsibilities that are to be covered. This is where an MOU comes in handy.

A simple memorandum of understanding is based among two parties that provide a detailed analysis of the terms and conditions set forth. This document serves as an agreement and precedes the other documents that legally bind an idea or partnership.

What Is a Memorandum of Understanding?

Whenever a project or idea is executed under a collaboration of two or more parties, there are several expectations that emerge and collide amongst them. These assumptions help them decide the future goals and objectives of the project. To successfully execute this, they are required to present a boundary to work on. This boundary, often referred to as terms to work, is presented across an MOU.

An MOU template makes the direction of a project clear to both parties. It presents them with their roles and responsibilities to allow its success. However, this document has no legal binding and is just considered a step towards a formal contract. The use of a memorandum of understanding helps the parties present their intent and provides them a ground to select their role voluntarily.

The use of an MOU is quite distinct in the professional market. Not only does this serve as a guideline to the successful execution of a project, but it also serves as a negotiating factor for the parties. Parties, after negotiating, can devise a better contract with a better structure.

When Do You Need a Memorandum of Understanding?

A Memorandum of Understanding template can serve as a direction to a contract. It can, however, also provide the parties with a detailed discussion over the terms and conditions set in a legal contract. It is usually preferred to set up an MOU before leading towards a contract. The parties should be aware of their responsibilities and present them with a layout to set their contract terms on.

It is important to realize the positions where an MOU template is necessary. If a person is owning a business and is looking forward to partner with another business, they should set up an MOU. Even if partnering with businesses is common, it should be made sure that documents such as these are designed and signed. This can also be quite effective in places where you wish to add to a legal contract.

Although any sample MOUs serve as a base to a contract, this document can feature as an agreement itself. Parties usually need such documents to help them settle their resources and the action plan. It guides them to successfully execute the task the parties have decided on.

Types of Memorandum of Understanding

A simple Memo of Understanding examples may not seem to have a variety of distinction in it. This document can still prove to be quite effective and efficient for various parties with various purposes. Using an MOU provides the parties with a sense of safety they are putting in to invest in the project. There are various versions of MOUs that exist in the market. They can vary between:

  • Agreement amongst a university or a company to work on a certain project with advanced utility.
  • An individual and a group where both parties provide specific services to cover a project.
  • MOU template can be signed among two parties having a single purpose or idea of performing business.
  • The use of an MOU can be practiced across businesses, companies, employees, and different departments.

If two or more parties are ready to work on a project, they should always seek the help of writing down a successful MOU. With a distinction of the major types of MOUs, you can follow any specific guideline to conclusively design a perfect, legally bound agreement.

What Are the Important Parts of an MOU?

As it has been discussed above that an MOU can act as a negotiating element within a contract; it is quite important to design a perfect one. This effectively helps them settle across a contract without any confusion. There are several elements that can be added within any general Memorandum of Understanding, which is provided as follows.

  • The intent of Writing: This part of the document provides the roles and responsibilities decided by the parties. All the goals, along with the responsible factors, should be included in the document.
  • Contact Information: The parties that are signing the MOU should include their details in the document.
  • Effective Date: There should be concrete addition of the time period the MOU shall stay in effect.
  • Responsibilities: The complete set of responsibilities should be based on an MOU clearly.
  • Scope of the Work: A simple MOU template should include the parties that are connected with the project.
  • Disclaimer: The agreement should include a section explaining all the terms and conditions that are within the defined laws of federation and state.
  • Signatures: The signatures of all parties should be included in the MOU.


You might wonder that an MOU may not have a legal binding in any agreement among two parties. These documents, regardless of any legal binding, provide the parties a platform for settling all differences. This can help them avoid all kinds of confusion and be known for their boundaries in the agreement.


What is the difference between MOU and MOA?

Both documents are designed under a similar narrative; however, there is just a difference of a few terms.

Can an MOU have legal binding?

The MOU is generally written to explain the mutual goals of the parties involved. With no unique terms that define formal agreements, MOU does not have legal binding.

Why should you invest time in an MOU?

The existence of an MOU helps the parties to set up the terms of contracts with depth. They can negotiate out of all confusion before finalizing a contract.

What is the difference between an MOU and a Contract?

MOU defines the mutual goals and basic objectives for carrying out a project. A contract, on the other hand, holds legal binding and explains all formal terms required for setting up a legal obligation for parties involved.

What are the other names of a Memorandum of Understanding?

You can address a Memorandum of Understanding as an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding Form, or an MOU Agreement.

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