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We all like a beautifully landscaped property that has blooming flowers with an idyllic setting. While we secretly envy the homeowner to have such an amazing landscape, the owner must care for the landscape to keep up with its beauty.

When you are the landscape provider, you are supposed to provide the same quality to your clients. Your clients must have the same pride while taking care of the beautification and care, leaving a fine print for the design you suggested.

To have a similar flowery relationship, it is advisable to have a landscaping contract.

Importance of Landscaping Contracts

A landscaping contract is a contract template made for the landscapers. The contracts include tips or things to avoid, available resources and important points to pay attention to during the contract period, and many more.

The importance of landscaping contracts starts right from the type of season. While in one season, there will be a specific list of landscaping things to take care of, in the next season, it may have another list.

Having landscaping contract forms in place helps keep both parties satisfied throughout the project without any unforeseen expectations.

What Should Landscaping Maintenance Contracts Template Include

Various points should go in the landscaping maintenance contract. A few of the most important ones are mentioned below:

  1. Payment Terms: A contract is a legally binding agreement, and it should definitely include the costs that can also be broken down into individual services. Hence, if only a few things are done from the given contract, you can pay the mentioned amount for those factors only.
  2. Duration: Indeed, every landscaping maintenance contract template must include the duration of the contract. Thus, both parties know when the contract will start and how long it is going to last.
  3. Schedule of the work: Specific to the maintenance requirements, the contract must have a detailed task list and the frequency in which each task must be carried out. For example, if you need to add fertilizers every 15 days, your contract must mention “fertilizer services, twice a month.”
  4. Insurance Coverage: Always check the insurance coverage of the person who will be working on your lawn. Accidents happen at any time.
  5. Dispute Resolution Policy: Incorporating a dispute resolution policy is of utmost importance as if there is anything that the parties couldn’t agree upon, they have a course of action to think about.

How do I write a Landscaping Service Contract?

While writing a landscaping service contract, you should mention the size, scope, and frequency in detail. That is because the larger the property, the more material costs and labor it includes. If the size of the area increases, the costs will thereby increase. Hence, along with the rates, it should also include the payment structure, payment method, timeline, and late fees. Moreover, this will also help the service providers decide on the contract rates for future fluctuations. You can also talk about the renewal policy.

When you are writing about insurance, explain that even your property or liabilities must not get damaged. Include missed or late payments, unsatisfactory services, breach of contract, or even early termination. Having such explicit instructions can help both parties rely on the contract for any and everything. Mentioning these points keeps you safe from any complex situations. However, taking safety precautions is always important.

Mention about the plant and horticultural care, bed care, pest control, fertilizer application, irrigation care, disease treatment, irrigation audit, any type of enhancements.


The landscaping contracts are seasonal. While there are many landscaping maintenance contracts, you should be quite thorough with the contract that you have to be a guide for even the smallest thing. CocoDoc offers comprehensive sample landscaping contract templates. You can add or delete the needed points and sign digitally.

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