Remodeling Contracts

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Remodeling contracts need to be drafted whenever a group or an individual needs a place remodeled, be it their home, an office, a public property, and so on. Much like other contracts, remodeling contracts state the parts that will be remodeled, how long the remodeling will take, the costs involved, the estimated delivery date, and so on. Remodeling contracts allow both the clients and the workers to get an idea about when the project can be completed.

What is a Remodeling Contract?

A remodel contract is an agreement that takes place between the client and the contractors. It outlines what the scope of the work will be, the payments that will need to be made, how disputes will be settled, and how much the job will cost in total. Remodeling can be done throughout an entire structure or just across certain parts, as desired by the client.

What Should a Standard Remodeling Contract Template Include

Here are the things a home improvement contract templatemust include:

  • Job details: The description of the job should be clear in the remodeling contract. This entails listing what the client requires and the services that the contractor will provide.
  • Duration: An approximate estimation of the remodeling start and completion dates should be included in the remodeling contract. That way, both the parties know when to contact one another if the timeline crosses the estimated delivery dates.
  • Payment terms: Decide how much a client should pay the contractor before the project begins and how much should be remaining once the job is complete.
  • Penalties: If the client wishes to impose penalty charges on the contractor post the due dates being crossed, they should mention it in the remodeling contract.
  • Termination clause: Reasons should be mentioned that clearly explain why the client or the contractor can terminate the project if and when the situation calls for it.
  • Proof of licensure, insurance, and bonding: The client can ask for proof of the contractor’s insurance, licensure, and bonding, which will be mentioned in the remodeling contract.
  • Outline of costs and materials: Estimates should be provided by the contractors and jotted down in the contract, such as an itemized list of materials, labor, and other costs that might be involved.

How to Write a Home Remodeling Contract

Both the parties involved should be clear about what they want to include in the remodeling contract to avoid disputes in the future. The contractor must secure all the necessary permits and approvals and convey what they think the start and end dates of the project will be. No unrealistic expectations must be set from either of the parties, which is why the timeline should be made clear from the get-go to avoid hassles of any kind.

A proper payment schedule must be agreed upon before you start drafting a remodeling contract. The parties could agree on a 10% payment at the beginning of the job, with the final payment ensuring that some amount is left in case retouches are needed. The changes should be within the boundaries of the decided cost as well, so that neither the client faces losses nor is the contractor left to pay for it from their own pocket.


Remodeling contracts ensure that your remodeling procedure goes extremely smoothly. Once both the parties lay their terms on the table and arrive at common grounds, the clauses can be made accordingly, leading to the creation of a substantial remodeling contract. You can find sample remodeling contracts on our website for your customized needs.

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