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A brand ambassador is a face that a company hires to represent its company, promote the product or the service and increase awareness. While brand ambassadors already have a potential number of followers with a good online presence, it gets easier for the brand to hire these ambassadors for their marketing.

A brand ambassador template is a short agreement that binds the brand and the influencer or the brand ambassador. It spells out the terms and conditions that can help both parties to understand the rules while promoting the product or the service of the brand.

Significance of a Brand Ambassador Contract?

A brand ambassador contract is important for several reasons. When you have a contract in place, both the company and the influencer are aware of the terms they have to follow individually and together. The terms and conditions decide the number of years, the type of project, and the amount explicitly. When the compensation arrangement and the scope of services are properly maintained in the contract, the parties will have something to refer to in case of any doubt.

What Should Brand Ambassador Contracts Template Include?

Let us look at a few essential components that should be included in a brand ambassador template:

  1. Brand Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities: The company should mention in the contract several things such as the number of events, the type of events (whether in person or studio), the expectations, and the number of videos or the posts that the brand ambassador may have to create.
  2. Compliance with the FTC: The brand ambassador must follow the rules set by the FTC. The mandatory disclosures such as unambiguously disclosing or using appropriate hashtags must be maintained.
  3. Payment Details: The company and ambassador must agree on the payment terms before working on the brand ambassador agreement. The due dates and the method of payment must be explicitly mentioned. Also, it should include if the ambassador is payable a line of commission credit.
  4. Deliverables and Deadlines: The contract must identify the details and the quality of the content. The timelines and deadlines for the deliveries can help the parties to agree upon the shot content.
  5. Legal Fees and Dispute Resolution: When the parties face a dispute, the contract should also mention the dispute resolution process in steps and the process to take formal legal action. Also, it should specify which party will bear the legal fees of litigation.

How to Set Up a Brand Ambassador Contract?

While setting up a brand ambassador agreement, it is essential to have a good list of do’s and don’ts in the contract. Include every detail that you may think of in the contract. It should involve the minutest thing to keep your promotion happen smoothly, from expectations to cancellation notice.

After you set the do’s and don’ts:

  1. Check the tonality and language.
  2. Make it as clear as possible.
  3. Specify what the brand ambassadors shouldn’t be doing while representing the brand.
  4. Discuss the exclusive rights, repurposing rights, deliverables, and approval process. Also structure the legal responsibilities, cancellation notice, timeline, payment terms, and what to avoid doing.

Having a brief understanding of the potential conflicts of interest may let you avoid any future problems.

Ensure that the contract adds a level of professionalism to the partnership. Having the freedom to work after setting up a proper brand ambassador contract will surely help you connect with your audience in a much better way and increase your return on investment eventually.


Contracts are a great way to highlight the guidelines and expectations. It creates a legally binding agreement that protects both the company and the brand ambassadors from falling into unlawful action. Moreover, it also aligns the project to run smoothly as there will not be any unexpected hiccups. So, it protects the ambassadors. And, it helps you to prevent your company from coming under any bad light. When you have a brand ambassador contract template ready from CocoDoc, all you have to do is fill in the details and sign digitally.

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