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Are you starting as a new agency? Or are you a new model wanting to have somebody launch you? A model contract makes the relationship between the two parties - the model and the agency very formal. When you have all the points detailed out in the contract, you can strike a pose and bring the best out of the marketing campaign without any second thoughts.

A model contract is a crucial piece of document as it does not have any expectations hanging in the air for neither the model nor the agency. Whether it is using the photographs in its digital format, print, negatives, posters, magazines, or packaging, you have it all mentioned in the modeling contract agreement.

What is a Modeling Contract?

Contract forms set a stage for professional and legitimate business transactions. It lets you have clear terms and conditions.

A modeling contract is what the model binds to the company. While one agency may have a two-page long contract, the other may have the same contract in 6 pages. The general terms are usually the same in all modeling contracts. It includes the agency address, the name of the agency, and then moving to the specific terms.

What Does a Model Contract Template Include

Let us look at a few essential factors that comprise a model contract.

The type of contract: The model contracts are divided into non-exclusive, exclusive, and one-time. The non-exclusive contract is when the model can have to work with as many agencies as possible. For the exclusive contracts, only the professional is represented by only one modeling agency. One-time contracts usually involve showing up for the set shoots. It is just a one-time contract. So, the model may have to look for a new job later. Lastly,

The Relationship: The modeling contract must include if the agency will act as either an employment agency or a personal manager. While these cannot guarantee work, they can help find and guide for the best type of jobs.

The Compensation: This part must show how much will the agency and model earn per booking.

The Length of the Contract: The Length of the contract involves how long the contract terms are binding. It should also mention the termination procedures and the automatic contract renewals. The contract usually lasts from one to three years.

How to Create a Contract for Modeling?

Photographs are usually copyrighted. So, when you draft a modeling contract, you save the rights for both sides. Making a model contract is easy. All you have to do is answer a few basic questions and include as many details as possible to avoid any unforeseen activities further. A few of the questions that you can answer in your contract are:

  • What is the duration of the contract?
  • What services are considered in the model contract?
  • In which areas will the photos be used?
  • What is the location of the photoshoot?
  • How much is the pay per photoshoot?

Creating a contract for modeling is a step-by-step process. More or less, the agreement clarifies the how much, what, where and when questions. In addition, it also includes the termination policy. So, when you do not want to continue, you know when and how to end the agreement. Moreover, the modeling contract must also involve the dispute conditions.

So, while creating this contract, create the document by answering the questions, save and finish the final file. You can either download and print it or share it to sign and invite to sign.


Having a model contract template is like having a strong document to refer to whenever in doubt. You can simply add or delete the pointers according to your requirements. With the range of contract templates available, you can make the process for both parties easier and much simpler. However, ensure that all the points are included in the agreement. So, whether it is an exclusive contract, a non-exclusive, or a one-time job, a thoughtful modeling contract can make things much more transparent and clear than ever.

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