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The promotion of a brand via influencers is one of the greatest business strategies that has helped most big companies reach the peak. There are several reasons attributed to this, however, the principal one is because of the trust people have got in these influencers.

Care to seek the help of an influencer for your brand? Then you need to sign an influencer contract. This is to ensure that your interest and that of the influencer are protected. Also, you get to set the terms and conditions of cooperation.

What is an Influencer Contract Template?

A legal document outlining the terms and conditions of the cooperation between a brand and the promoter is called an influencer contract. This file helps the brand owner communicate what he or she expects from the influencer during collaboration. Also, the influencer gets the chance to communicate his demands and confirm whether or not the project could be completed. Furthermore, an influencer contract could be used to resolve the dispute between both parties at the court. Although this file is said to be a legal document which means a lawyer needs to compile and look through it, a lawyer doesn't need to be present each time you need to use the document.

What Sections Should an Influencer Contract Contain?

When drafting out the details of your partnership with an influencer or promoter, ensure that your influencer contract template has the following sections included:

  • The type of product you are advertising
  • What word or phrase should the influencer add when advertising your product
  • How you want to be tagged in the influencer’s post
  • Share links to all social media channels you are on so the influenced don't make mistakes or stress while finding yours
  • Total payable price that the influencer is charging
  • Required content, whether visual or written, that the influencer needs to post

How to Build an Influencer Contract Template

There is no doubt that you need an influencer contract if you truly want to seek the help of a brand promoter or influencer. The document lets you and the influencer reach a compromise before embarking on the cooperation. Although the document is beneficial to both parties, creating or getting it is often expensive as you might need to seek the help of a lawyer who will of course charge you a specific sum of money for the service. However, with technology, you could modify already existing influencer contracts that are still legally valid. Wondering how this is possible? Well, you need a professional PDF editing toolkit to accomplish this. Mind you, most of the PDF editors you will find on the net already have the template, all that's required of you is to look through it to confirm it has all the necessary information you seek and make little editings like integrating your business or brand name and logo. Here are a few things you should check out for when creating your influencer contract template:

  • Include basics such as your name, and the date of the agreement
  • Your availability
  • The scope of work
  • Terms and condition of cooperation
  • Timeline
  • Deliverables
  • Cancellation clauses
  • Content boundaries
  • Approval process
  • Payment terms
  • Compensations
  • FTC responsibility
  • Additional notes


An influencer contract template should be available as often as possible to build influencer-client relationships. Generating one is a great step to helping your business/brand grow globally.

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