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Are you searching for interior design contract templates or samples that you could use for your business? Here is the place to find them.

As a professional interior designer, it's imperative you create a contract template, an agreement form, for your business. This will save you a lot of stress with your customers and vice versa. Also, it will help build trust with your customers and then portray the professionalism of your artwork. Enough of these features, but how do you get or build a standard interior design template- as in one with all the necessary sections with your brand name on it? Well, you will find out by reading through this article. So keep reading.

What is an Interior Design Contract?

A document created specifically to help an interior designer and customers reach a compromise on a project is called an Interior Design Contract. It helps you keep track of your projects with each customer thereby reducing stress and increasing workflow. Your customers get to trust your brand more because they feel you wouldn't want to breach the agreement signed.

Why Do You Need an Interior Designing Contract?

Generally, an interior designing contract is used to establish an agreement between a designer, the service provider, and the client, one who needs the service. This document is often used to protect both parties against future calamities that may occur during cooperation. Also, it helps resolve any dispute that arises in the project. Furthermore, it explains the nature of the service a designer provides, and what clients should expect. The contract creates transparency between both parties. Hence, an interior designing contract is beneficial to both the service provider and the client.

What Sections Should be Included in an Interior Design Contract?

Got an interior design template you want to use for your brand? Then you need to check if it has the following fields:

  • Client’s name
  • A brief intro about the company
  • A short statement or description of the project
  • Scope of work
  • Purchasing and Warranty terms
  • Payment and cancellation terms
  • Photograph, videography and publicity terms
  • Termination terms
  • Intellectual property clause
  • Resolution if disputes
  • Consultants and Contractors Clause
  • Dates

How to Create an Interior Design Agreement Template

An interior design template is required when an agreement is needed to be set between an interior designer and client. This will help protect both parties from any dispute whatsoever that may occur during the contract.

To create a professional interior design agreement, you could modify an already existing template which is usually in the PDF or DOC format.

Following the instructions below, you can create your high-quality interior design agreement PDF:

  • Include your project specification in the contract
  • Add the project scope and drawing in the agreement template
  • Include your design fees to help your client know the fees you charge
  • Provide warranty agreement in the template
  • Discuss photography in the interior design template
  • Include insurance in the agreement


The perfect way to build or earn your clients’ trust as an interior designer is by creating an agreement that would protect both parties. However, you have to ensure the template includes all the necessary sections. Get your interior design template ready now and then.

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