Wedding Videography Contract

Videographer contracts are made between the client and the videographer in question for different occasions. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a wedding, videographer contracts outline the requirements from both the parties, what the video must include, when it is delivered, and so on. Even if the videographer is someone you know, a videographer contract makes the collaboration more solid. It enables you to have a clear picture about when to expect the final project.

What is a Wedding Videography Contract?

Wedding videography contracts are becoming increasingly popular. These contracts state that the videographer will make videos throughout a given wedding or through certain sections of a wedding. The charges, deliverables, payment information, and other expenses are included in a wedding videographer contract. Contact details of both the parties are to be mentioned in the contract so that they can contact one another if and when required.

What Should a Standard Wedding Videography Contract Template Include?

A standard wedding videography contract template should include the following details:

  • Client details: The wedding videography contract must include the names, addresses, and contact details of both parties.
  • Wedding details: The contract should state the wedding date, wedding venue, wedding time, the complete address of the wedding venue, the approximate time of the ceremony, the starting and ending time of video coverage, and whatever other details the videographer and client wish to be added.
  • Video package details: All the details of the package, including the accommodation and travel costs (if any), should be a part of the contract.
  • Delivery details: The details of when the final video will be delivered, the number of copies required, etc., should be a part of the contract.
  • Rules and restrictions: For wedding videos, it should be made clear from the beginning which areas are restricted and which ones are allowed to be filmed in. The videographer, too, should include in the contract that they will not be held responsible for low light, adverse weather conditions, and other situations beyond their control.
  • Payment and cancellation: Payment methods, payment schedule, cancellation fee, booking fee, and so on should be included in the contract.
  • Copyright: The rights of the video should be clearly underlined in the wedding video contract.


While copyright is an important issue to have in the videography wedding contract, there are multiple other factors that can lead to make the contract as detailed as possible. The wedding videography contract sample offered by CocoDoc includes all the crucial points that keep both the parties safe and secure. You can include right from the number of cameras to include to the list of songs that can be used as background music.


How many hours of videography do you need for a wedding?

A typical wedding lasts for no less than 8 hours. However, as the entire day is important, it is necessary to capture moments of the day.

What should be included in a wedding video?

A wedding video should include all memorable shots. It should have an adequate amount of B-roll footage to make the wedding look more interesting.

What should a wedding photography not include?

A wedding photography must not include shaky cam footage, bad audio and bad lighting. It should not be boring to make the viewer feel disinterested in watching.

Is it worth getting a wedding videography contract?

Yes, it is important to have a wedding videography contract as it outlines the details of the project. Right from the details of the parties to the payment, it involves a clear representation of what to expect from the wedding videography event.

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