Snow Removal Contract

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A snow removal contract deals with getting rid of the ice and snow on the property in exchange for payment. This agreement can be either made for residential or commercial use where the contractor performs the services either upon request from the client or after a snowstorm. While we all know the best practices to remove snow from the roads or the courtyards, you need a skilled person to carry out the task.

With usually a fixed-fee contract, the agreement can be monthly or after every respective season.

What is a Snow Removal Contract?

As the name suggests, Snow Removal Contract refers to the removal of snow from the area. In this process, the snow is first plowed from the property. Then, it is removed without keeping any snow piles on the sides of the road to offer smooth operation in the place.

The event occurs when there is heavy snowfall, and the place needs plowing. Sometimes, the snow removal contract may involve removing no less than 4-5 inches of snow, called a plowable event.

While it is a pay-per-push service, the crew receives the payment when they clear their grounds.

What Does a typical Snow Removal Contract Include?

Here are a few things to know before you make the Snow Removal Contract.

Type of Contract:

The Snow Removal Contract divides itself into three main types - seasonal, per event, or per push.

A seasonal contract is similar to a subscription where the contracts can last between 2 and 4 years. So, if there is a light snowfall this year, it may fall heavily the next. In this way, you do not have to worry about the compensation made for the same. Nevertheless, it is important to talk about the billable cycle here. Thus, you know when you will be getting paid for the snow removal services you just offered. Per Push and Per Event contracts involve paying after each time the snow is plowed. Simultaneously, the billing for per push can be counted in an hour or inch, per storm payment for Per Event contracts.

Estimate Tonnage: After you remove the snow, you will have to avoid the surfaces from becoming icy by putting some amount of salt on them. You need to have a clear understanding of the amount you may need. If you order a low quantity, you may lose some valuable customers.

Common Snow Removal Equipment: You should know which event needs which type of equipment to remove the snow. Saving money may lead to losing business if you do not use standard snow removal equipment.

Things to Know Before Signing a Snow Removal Contract?

Before you sign the snow removal contract, you should know these these things:

  1. Quality of the Service: Understand the quality of the service the contractors have completed in the past. Check for references, if any.
  2. Execution of the Service: While making the contract, you should make sure that you cover everything that hits every corner of the property, such as keeping the grass intact, removing the slush and ice.
  3. Communication: Check how the service providers communicate. They should be clear in their speech right from the day you start communicating. That will essentially help in planning, implementation, and removal details.
  4. Liability Insurance: Audit their liability insurance. Snow removal may include accident injury to property or people.
  5. Estimating the Service: Show your property to the service provider before signing the contract. Ensure that they have a plan of your project size and the correct path to take on during the process.


Determine the team before hiring the people up front. A snow removal contract can come in handy and help you each time. Having a precise contract before starting the job will save time for both parties. Be as clear and transparent as possible. Nevertheless, we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible in our snow removal contract template.

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