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Wanna get a free performance contract template for your business? This article is structured to introduce you to how you can create a performance contract freely and quickly on your PC. The tutorial guide is simple and easy to assimilate. So keep reading.

What is A Performance Contract?

A performance contract is a legal document that lists out the terms and conditions that an entertainer or performer must adhere to while using a venue or an event center. It's usually issued by the venue or event manager called the contractor to the performer who could be a singer, dancer, or MC. Also, it could be raised by the performer or the performer’s agency. For instance, the performer at a concert and/or show can present a performance contract to the clients so they have an in-depth understanding of the terms and conditions of the venue which they will be using. Performance contracts protect the interest of both the performer and the contractor. The document lets you manage unforeseen events like the cancelation of the occasion, accidents, and illness. Besides, you could use it to monitor your workflow.

Why Do You Need A Performance Contract?

You need a performance contract to help a performer understand the terms and conditions that guide an event center. Once the client agrees to these rules, both parties can proceed with payment and other necessary plans. It can be used at the court to resolve the dispute between the contractor and the client in case any arises. Also, it helps the contractor keep track of the works or projects at hand thereby making it easy to improve the pace of work.

How to Create A Performance Contract?

Creating a performance contract agreement that will be effective for your company is easy. Al that's required of you is to ensure that you cover the following features:

  • Show the business needs
  • Outline authorities and accountability
  • Discuss the aim and objective of the agreement
  • Ensure that both parties, the contractors and clients are held responsible
  • Is never biased

Find below the list of instructions you need to follow to create a professional performance contract:

  • Outline the expectations
  • Build transaction milestones
  • Schedule
  • Terms and condition
  • Discuss the results and consequences of transacting with you
  • Signature and date


Strengthen the bond between you and your staff by creating a professional performance contract today. The document helps your staff trust you more and in return, your brand or company flourishes.

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