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A graphic designer contract not only states the terms and conditions presented by the client/company and the graphic designer but also serves as a protective measure for the graphic designer. This becomes especially important for freelance graphic designers because they work through commissions, a per-project or per-hour basis, and therefore, need to ensure they get paid on time.

A design contract helps with that and much more. Agencies and in-house graphic designers can often have access to lawyers, but freelance graphic designers need such a contract in case of any issues.

What is a Graphic Design Contract?

A graphic design contract is a contract that describes the business relationship that a graphic designer and the client will have during the period of working together. The contract also includes several other details related to the parties as well as the project, including when the contract can be terminated, when the project is to be delivered, and much more. The details of a graphic design contract vary depending on whether the graphic designer charges on an hourly basis, by fixed rates, or through some other way.

What Should a Freelance Design Contract Template Include?

A freelance graphic design contract template should include the following elements:

    1. Detailed descriptions: Be very clear about what you will be providing to the client. Not only should it include everything to be delivered from your end, but also whatever you might need from their side for the project to be done.
    2. Timeline for deliverables: If the client needs the work to be done by a certain date, the graphic design contract should mention the date, and you should aim to complete it at least a week beforehand. This is so that there is enough time to make any changes or revisions. Ask which deliverables need to be delivered first and work on them on a priority basis.
    3. Payment details: Let the graphic design contract state that you will need 50% of the payment before the beginning of the project and the remaining 50% after the work has been submitted. You can choose to charge on a per-project basis or hourly basis, depending on the scope of the project. Watermark your work before you send it in for final approval.
    4. Copyright ownership and termination: Both the parties should state clearly about the ownership of the created designs. For example, a company could make millions from a design logo, or a graphic designer could choose to display their design in their portfolio. Termination clauses, too, should be clearly outlined in the graphic designer contract.

How Do You Write a Graphic Design Contract

Creating a graphic designer contract means including all the legal pointers in addition to the other crucial information. The payment schedule should also include the part about default in payment which entails what will happen if the client does not pay on time. The contact information of the client should be in the contract so that the designer knows whom to reach in case of questions.

Client feedback and other expenses with regards to the project need to be outlined in the contract too. Be sure to include a warranty of originality and vendor representations and warranties in the graphic design contract. A section regarding subcontractors should be mentioned if there is the possibility of that during the project.


Simple graphic designer contract templates include all the elements you need to have a foolproof contract for your work. It is certain that a graphic designer contract can become the strong foundation of any project. When you have the details fleshed out, both the parties do not have any unforeseen expectations. Visit our website and choose the sample graphic design contract that meets your requirements.

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