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Need to generate an invoice that could be sent to your customers after completing the sales of a product or rendering a service? Then this write-up is for you.

As we all know, invoices are documents that show the lists of goods or services rendered by an individual or business and the price to be paid. It's usually raised by the service provider, contractor, to the client at the end of cooperation. This document is very important for accountability and accuracy. Sounds cool right? Well, it does, but there is a problem- creating the invoice. It's a tedious process designing an invoice, however, we will share with you a simple process that you can follow to accomplish this.

What is A Contractor Invoice?

A contractor invoice is a sheet that outlines the goods purchased or services rendered by a company to its clients and the price payable. Although this job could be done in person as in the company sending a representative to the client to explain and confirm the sum of money to be paid, however, the stress and need for an expert are major challenges faced. Hence, invoices are important in an organization.

When Do You Need to Send a Contractor Invoice?

Contractor invoice is usually sent by companies to clients to request payment for goods purchased or services rendered. It can only be raised at the end of the cooperation between both parties- this means a contractor invoice can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. However, this depends on the agreement between the client and the contractor.

How to Create a Contractor Invoice?

It's the pride of all business owners including contractors to provide top-notch services to their clients. There are multitudes of ways you could do this and one of them is ensuring your invoices reflect your professionalism and attention to detail. But how do you achieve this?

  • Look through the variety of contractor invoice template present on our site, and then select your preferred template
  • Click on the ‘Download’ option to export the file to your hard drive. Mind you, you have to select your desired output format: Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Insert your business name, logo, and address (mail and location), mobile and/or fax number
  • Ensure there is a space for you to add the client’s name, and address
  • Create invoice number or work order number
  • Insert the date when collaboration started and ended
  • List out the goods or services rendered and give a brief description like the cost and total unit purchased
  • Sum up the cost and then type the total cost
  • Send a copy of the invoice to the client


Contractor-client relationships strengthen more when you have a contractor invoice at your fingertip. Generate a contractor invoice agreement now to ease your business.

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