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In this perfect world, you would want to hire the best nanny, who can help you make your life easier. They can swoop into your life and make the best time out of your children. However, finding the best caregiver isn’t always easy. While you choose the best ones, they may leave the job after a few disputes.

Thus, clear ground rules bring everyone on the same page during the hiring process. And, it prevents any developing issues in the future. The rules can include the time off, salary, or even the other parts of the job. Moreover, they also protect your nanny. So, they feel safe and do not have any unexpected expectations rising every time.

What is Nanny's Work Agreement?

Similar to any basic contract, a nanny work agreement defines a structure of work to make both parties, the employee and the employer, accountable and aware of the job expectations that it entails. The terms of a nanny work agreement set out the expectations and scope of the relationship quite clearly. It comprises work details such as the house rules, using the nanny cam, salary, work schedules, and much more.

You need the nanny contract because it covers all the potential tasks and the protocols that have to be followed. Further, it extends to the rules out any specific unavoidable circumstances that may come across during the employment process. For example, if she has to take the child to a nanny, which vehicle she can use to drive to the doctor.

What Does a Nanny Contract Template Include?

Let us look at a few essential categories you may want to mention in the nanny employment contract. Although there would not be any event of litigation, the contract should cover the following points to keep everyone legally bound.

Salary: This is the first top point that you should include in the agreement. It should involve the exact number of children they will have to take care of. Moreover, detail out how the payment will be made for overtime. Most of the time, the pay is on an hourly basis. However, this can vary depending upon the number of hours.

Benefits: Include provisions of the benefits the nanny may receive after the contract period starts. This also depends upon the country or the state that you reside in. Mention if you can provide a paid vacation time. You pay for this period after the engagement ends. Check about the sick leave law.

Job responsibilities: List out the things that the nanny has to do during the working hours. If you want them to clean the baby room twice a day, mention “Clean the room twice a day.” This frees you from any privilege of asking the nanny for things she is not supposed to do.

Do You Need a Contract for Nanny?

Although the federal law does not ask you to have one, having one detailed and robust contract will protect the nanny and family. It can work as a reference point and discard any questions that may arise with misunderstandings or questions.

Outline every point very carefully for a full-time nanny. Thus, it will not only offer “free time” to your nanny but also will help you have a satisfied nanny all the time. Plan for a non-disclosure agreement and explain to them each point. Mention how they are not allowed to disclose any personal and private information to third parties. When you have formal documentation that is self-explanatory and signed, there are no chances for any legal complications to arise in the future.


A contract can sound unnecessary and serious. However, it is an important document that protects everyone who signs it. You may not negatively use the nanny contract but can let it indeed protect you from any unexpected disagreement. The nanny contract template leaves you to fill only the necessary details while it provides a structured nanny agreement in place.

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