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Event planner contracts are crucial today. In this age, you need to ensure that an event runs smoothly from the beginning to the end. Whether it is a wedding you are planning, a gathering with friends and family, or even a corporate event, having an event planner contract in place keeps everything watertight with all the details jotted down under one umbrella. Organizers, guests, speakers, as well as participants benefit from having a well-drafted event planner contract.

What is an Event Contract?

An event planning contract is an event contract agreement made between an event planner and the client. Both the client as well as the event planner may have some ideas to pan out the event in question.

Once both the parties sit down and keep their demands and requirements on the table, solutions can be achieved, and deals can be agreed on. Transform and reflect these clauses on the event planner contract. As an event planner, you have to convey to your client the things you can and cannot provide so that there are no confusions or misunderstandings later that lead to differences in opinion.

What Should an Event Planning Contract Sample Template Include?

A sample event planning contract template must include the following features:

Scope of services: All the services provided by the event planning company should be clearly outlined in the event planning contract. The contract should also include terms regarding the venue, catering, monitoring of the event, availability of on-site event staff, or provision of audio-visual equipment. If outside vendors are included in the event, it should be specified as to what they will be employed for.

Payment schedule: Event planners can choose to disclose the total budget they have in mind for the event in question. That way, any disputes can be avoided if the client thinks the budget was something different all along. Set up a payment schedule. Let both parties decide accordingly as to how they wish for the payments to happen.

The client can pay a certain amount before the event and the rest later on. Deposits, fees, and total amount due should all be noted down in the event planner contract.

Cancellation terms: Any event could get canceled due to numerous reasons. These are not always related to disputes between the parties. Create the contract in a way such that neither of the sides faces too much loss in case of a cancellation. It should be specified that none of the payments and deposits made till the cancellation are eligible for a refund. When this happens, the client is much less likely to cancel, keeping in mind the money they will be losing.

The reasons that are valid to cancel an event should also be noted in the event planning contract. These could include a medical emergency, lack of funds, and so on. The client should also know how long before they are eligible to cancel before having to pay the full amount anyway.

Critical Things You Need in an Event Management Contract

An event management contract or event agreement has several crucial pointers that must be present. Among others, the two you must remember to include are the indemnification clause and the termination clause.

The indemnification clause is so that the event planning firm and its members can stay protected from any legal course due to negligence from the client’s side. This way, the client cannot hold the firm responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses and vice versa. The termination clause exists to allow both sides to terminate the contract if the need ever arises under extreme circumstances.


An event planning contract is a legal agreement between you and the client for the services you would offer. The foremost things to include in the contract are termination clauses, cancellation, payment schedule, and services rendered.

No matter what the event is, CocoDoc has numerous for you to choose from. Go through the event planning contract templates and select the clauses you wish to include in your event management contract. Have a proper format of the contract between you and the other party.

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