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What is A Lawn Care Contract?

Contracts are usually written for protection. When you are going to pay-up for some work, there should be an explicit worldly agreement to prevent any sort of inconvenience. Also, to ensure the responsibilities of both the parties.

A lawn care contract is a sort of document that makes a contract between the client and a landscaper for his services, whether for commercial or residential purposes, in return for payment or salary.

The services offered are on a mostly scheduled basis, especially for commercial clients. The landscaper has to be paid monthly or on a weekly basis. The landscaper will perform his hedging duties, clipping, mowing any other nurture requests from the client.

There is no kind of license needed by a landscaper when he is into the residential work. Once he is into tree transportation, design work, pesticide and herbicide spraying, or any other such work on the commercial level, he may need a license. Still, it mainly depends on the laws of the state in which he is working.

What Should be Included in a Lawn Care Contract?

A lawn care contract should include basic information regarding each party’s expectations and responsibilities. Any other thing which appears to be necessary should also be mentioned. Following is the way what you should include in the contract.

  1. Ensure that the contract carries the parties’ basic information (names, Contact number, address, and date). Also, add up the schedule to start the work and how long you will need a landscaper.
  1. The most important thing is to mention the payment you will pay, whether monthly or weekly and if the client doesn't pay up. It should sound like that if the client doesn’t spend seven days after the date mentioned, the work will be ceased until the payment is cleared.
    1. Write down the landscaper’s services with trimming, mowing, and disposal of the yard wastes, e.t.c. The contract should also outline if the landscaper is doing any work besides the mentioned and the amount he is earning for that work. Try to highlight who will pay up for the irrigation system or broken fences and the chemicals being used in the lawn.
    2. In the end, both parties have to sign the landscaping contract and don’t forget to mention the date.

How to Build a Lawn Care Contract?

Having a well-written by your side is essential. A well-written contract is what saves you from fraud or mis-commitment. Though lawn maintenance contracts are available online and you can fill them online or get them printed.

Still, you have the choice to write a contract on your own and can add-up anything which you think is essential. But there are some basics which you have to keep in mind before writing your contract.

There should be all the necessary information about the client and the contractor. Nothing should be unambiguous. Anything you write about, you should write in detail so that anybody can understand. Make the terms (expectations of the client and the responsibilities of the contractor) all clear. And at the end don’t forget to mention the date and signatures.


We think it is enough information you require before starting up with any of your lawn service contracts. Make the contract which you think suits you and your needs. In any case, you need some help, you can check for an online sample landscaping contract.

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