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Are you interested in employing an individual or organization to render a cleaning service at your place but don't know how to go about it? Well, you are on the right platform and of course, reading the correct article that's needed to get the task done.

Searching for an individual or agency that provides cleaning services is never a walk in the park. However, with a cleaning contract, you can easily get in touch with them easily and quickly without leaving your comfort zone. But how do you get this document (cleaning contract)? Well, continue reading.

What is a Service Contract?

This is an agreement form designed to help a person or company, also known as ‘clients’ here in this writeup, to hire an individual or organization to do a specific task(s). The document helps the hiree to get familiar with the client and also get to know the nature or type of service to be rendered. Hence, it acts as a guide. In addition to this, a service contract could be used to resolve any dispute that may occur during cooperation and aftermath. Mind you, a specific amount of money must be paid by the hirer to the hiree on completion of the task or service needed.

What Should a Cleaning Service Contract Contain?

All service contracts, whether cleaning, construction, or any, has the same format with the sections below included:

  • Contact info of both parties; the hirer and the hiree
  • Nature or type of service to be completed by the hiree
  • Deadline for the completion of service
  • Total payable price
  • Warranties
  • Default terms
  • Dispute remedies
  • Insurance and compliance terms
  • Indemnification terms

When Should You Use a Written Cleaning Service Contract?

As a service provider, it's imperative you get your service contract ready each time you’ve got to render a service to your client, the hiree. The contract should outline all the necessary information needed to help the hiree perform the task required.

How to Write a Cleaning Service Contract?

Creating a service contract template used to be quite challenging because of the cost incurred, and time required. But now, you could modify already existing templates available on the net. Here’s a guide to help you write a professional service contract easily and quickly without leaving your comfort zone:

  • Recognize the customer and service provider in the agreement
  • Describe the scope of work
  • Lost out the payment schedule and methods
  • Address ownership of material
  • Include the terms and conditions in the contract template
  • Personalize your service agreement


Creating a service contract for your business or brand is crucial to building your relationship with your clients. It helps you build trust and also protects you against future disputes with your clients.

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