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Are you an event planner seeking professional wedding contract templates that you can use for your business? Here is the right place to find them.

As an event planner, having a contract template for each occasion you host has significant importance on the growth of your business. It helps you protect the image of your business, and then keep track of all events you have at hand. Also, with a contract template, your customers get to trust you more. But how do you create this document? Well, to know that, keep reading to discover that.

What Are Wedding Contracts?

Wedding contracts are agreement forms signed by the contractor often referred to as the event planner or host, and his client, who could be the groom, bride, or bride and/or groom’s relatives. This form is beneficial to both parties, the host and the client as it helps them reach a compromise on the event planned. Also, either of the parties can refer to the agreement form in case of any dispute. When you keep to this agreement, you build a strong relationship with your clients as they now believe you are competent for their projects. Sooner or later you will get referrals and your business is expected to skyrocket from there. So it's imperative you get a wedding contract for your business.

What is the Difference Between Wedding and Event Contract?

Event contract is the principal name given to all documents or agreement forms created for an occasion. These occasions include but are not limited to the following; wedding, burial, birthday, etc. Wedding contracts on the other hand are documents designed for marriage. So a wedding contract could be classified as a sub-category of an event contract.

How to Create a Wedding Contract Agreement?

Building a high-quality wedding contract agreement for your business is quite an easy task to accomplish. Reason being that you can easily find and edit already existing templates on the net. However, you have to bear in mind that not all these templates are professionally designed. But here, we will tell you what a professional wedding contract agreement should look like by listing out the items that should be included:

  • Client's name
  • Business name
  • Signature, Date, and Time of event
  • Name of the bride and groom and their contract info
  • Payment due date and mode of payment
  • A brief info about the services you intend to render and how quality it's
  • Terms and condition
  • Reservation
  • Expenses
  • Wedding Schedule
  • BBWP Responsibilities
  • Permits
  • Limits of liability

With these sections listed above included in your wedding contract template, your integrity and that of your client are protected.


Every wedding contractor must have a wedding contract at hand now and then to keep himself/herself and the client legally protected during cooperation. Should any dispute occur within the contract period, the agreement would be used to resolve it. Hence, the agreement helps you build contractor-client relationships.

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