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Choosing child care can be a daunting challenge because our children are our entire lives. Finding a child care center or provider with whom you are happy can be a difficult task. This child care contract will assist you in contracting a child care facility/provider and finding certain areas to review for compliance. It can be modified to suit your particular requirements.

What Is A Daycare Contract?

A daycare contract template is a document that a home daycare, a daycare center, or a daycare community can use. The childcare contract agreement is between the daycare center and the parent of the children who will be participating.

The daycare contract template outlines each party's obligations and the sum owed for treatment when it is due, and any other relevant details that the parent should be aware of. Since the sample daycare contract could be legally binding, the parties should read it before signing it.

Why Do You Need A Daycare Contract?

A child care contract covers you not only if things go wrong with a customer. You need evidence to file a lawsuit in small claims court, but it also prohibits miscommunication between you and your daycare families.

A childcare contract should set out what services you're able to offer, what you expect from your daycare families, and what happens if the agreement is broken under any circumstances.

A child care agreement will also assist providers in weeding out potentially problematic families before their arrival.

A daycare contract pdf protects parents from providers who change the rules often. Contracts allow families to make arrangements based on a written agreement. A printable daycare contract requires daycare providers to disclose all daycare policies fully.

What Content Should Your Daycare Contract Entail?

Your sample daycare contract should at the very least contain the following elements:

  1. Rates

The child's age determines your rates and the length of time they leave their child with you. As a result, you can leave this section blank and then fill in the number once you've got the parents’ details.

  1. Modes of payment

Include information about the payment methods you accept (such as checks or cash) and the parents' deadlines to make payments in this section. Information on late payment fines should also be included here.

  1. Info about the vacation

This segment is optional, but it's a good idea to include it. Inform your parents if you intend to close your facility at certain times throughout the year. Include information about the rules that parents must follow if they decide to take their children on vacation.

  1. Beverages and food

Most daycares provide food and drinks for the children, except infants and newborns who need breast milk or baby formula. Consider the fees when calculating the rates to charge the parents if your facility provides them.

  1. Additional details

Highlight other details that don't fit into the different categories at the end of your document. This is the section where you can include:

  • The hours of service of your daycare center
  • Baby wipes, diapers, formula, and other things that parents must carry from home.
  • Details about how the parents will end the contract if they no longer need your services.

How to Build A Daycare Contract Template?

Many of your agreement terms should be included in your child care agreement. You can begin by reviewing sample contracts online or using a free online daycare contract template. In your daycare contract, you can have the following clauses:

    • Contracted Hours Contract Term
    • Hours of Operation
    • Payment Procedures (amount, due dates, refund policy)
    • Late Pick-Up Fees/Overtime Prices
    • Fees for returned checks and late payments
    • Closures for Holidays and Vacations
    • Closures Due to Poor Weather
    • Absences
    • Illnesses
    • Medications
    • Policy on Discipline
    • Termination
    • General information
    • Reporting Abuse and Neglect
    • Signatures & Confidentiality

    Regardless of whether you draft your daycare contract from scratch or use a template, it's a good idea to have legal counsel review it to ensure that it's legally sound.


    A daycare contract is similar to a babysitter's service contract in that it requires parents/guardians to employ a daycare company to look after their child. On the other hand, Daycares are physical places where children must be dropped off, unlike babysitters.

    This simplifies drafting a Daycare contract. The details are limited to items like the number of hours, meals, homework or extracurricular assistance, and any other services that the daycare can want to provide!

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