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These days, it is not just enough to find a partner you wish to marry. Having your dream wedding entails finding a suitable wedding planner who can make all your grand wishes come true. In order to keep things on track, wedding planner contracts are imperative. They list out details and requirements from both the parties and ensure that this important day of your life is as well-planned as it can possibly be.

What is a Wedding Planner Contract?

A wedding planner contract serves as a formal agreement between the client and the wedding planner. It sets conditions wherein the client lays out their requirements, and the wedding planner explains what they can provide. Whether it’s a small wedding you are planning or an extravagant celebration, wedding planning contract templates are essential to ensure a wedding doesn’t turn into a circus. It lists down the ceremonies to be covered, the features to be included in the package, the inclusions and exclusions, and so on.

What Should a Standard Wedding Planner Contract Include?

A standard wedding coordinator contract must include the following details:

Contact details: Contact details of the clients, as well as the wedding vendors, should be among the first things mentioned in the wedding planner contract. Phone numbers, full names, and addresses are a must. Names of all the planners and their assistants should be noted as well.

Details of the ceremonies: The dates, locations, and timings of the main wedding day, as well as all the other ceremonies, should be mentioned in the wedding planner contract.

Services needed and requested: All the services requested by the client and the ones needed from the wedding planner’s side should be outlined so as to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Cancellations and refunds: Disputes or mishaps can occur at any given time. For such occurrences, the policy for refunds and cancellations must be clearly mentioned in the wedding planner contract.

Payments and deposits: See the things you need to pay before and after the wedding so that no surprise payments come up later. From the side of the wedding planner, be sure to ask for any cash that you might require for any equipment.

How to Write a Wedding Planner Contract Agreement

If you want to ensure that the wedding planning process goes smoothly, certain pointers need to be kept in mind. The very first thing to do is set boundaries. The clients could expect a lot from wedding planners, but the latter can only provide what’s realistic. Therefore, be clear from the beginning about what services you will be offering so that if they ask for more later, you can just refer to the contract and point out what was agreed upon.

Managing cash flow and projections is the next thing to remember when drafting a wedding coordination contract. Budgets and expected expenditure must be charted out so that things don’t go out of hand financially later. You might want to splurge or go big, but going beyond the budget will end up being an issue for both the wedding planner as well as the client. You can set out a wedding planner contract form for helping the client list all the necessary requirements beforehand. This will also help you finalize on the wedding planner contract agreement, without any problems.


The wedding planner contracts are designed in a manner to benefit all the parties involved. The client should get whatever they desire and that the wedding planners are properly compensated as well. Go through our wedding planner contract templates to pick the one that suits your requirements the most.

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